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Blackberry  Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 Unlock service


Supported:  Blackberry Q5, Q10, Z10, Z30 from ALL networks and Countries

Delivery time:  6 - 24 hours  ( 24/7 processing )  (possible some delays)

Code processing format:  You wlll get  MEP2 and MEP4 codes ( for some IMEIs only MEP2 available which is correct)

Verifications: In case if you get wrong code and your phone counter is NOT blocked and IMEI is correct, send us an Email to for verification

Verification may take 3-7 days on certain IMEis. 


Note: Canada carrier locked phones mostly need 8 digit Unlock code, so if you get 16 digit code which does not work and your phone is from Canada, then you must enter the first 8 digit of the MEP2 code. For example, If code is given MEP2: 2566478521335477 is not working then you must enter  25664785 

This is ONLY for Canada phones (Rogers, fido, and so on)


Price : $USD

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